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curanderismo lessonsWe created 3 different webpages to share how we enrich our lives in a simple way with Shamanism, Curanderismo & Spirit practices. To enjoy these pages you don’t need to know anything. You just need to have an open heart. You will find useful information, video lessons, tips, items, tools, etc. Scroll down for information, links and recommendations to navigate this page, Curandero Products (our store).

Our webpages are about the “Spiritual Path”. Which spiritual path? “ANY”….. because SPIRITUALITY IS OUR OWN PATH. Each person follows their own spiritual path regardless of what religion we practice. Spirituality is not at religion, IT IS WHAT WE CARRY INSIDE OUR SOUL.

So from the information that we share here, please take what your heart feels is good for you. Follow your intuition and live life from a powerful, happy, loving and peaceful position.


Our webpages


Curandero Products is our store. Here you can find items, recipes, formulas, classes, tutoring and services related to spiritual practices (www.curanderoproducts.com).


Paloma Cervantes’ webpage. This is about general Shamanism, Curanderismo and Spiritual practices information for Everyone, Beginners and Future Students (www.palomacervantes.com). Neither experience nor knowledge is necessary to learn new things from this page.


Shamans & Curanderos’ webpage focuses more in practices, ceremonies, spiritual tools and problems that a Practitioner faces with him or herself and with clients too (www.curanderismo.net).


In our shop, Curandero Products, you will basically find three selections:Paloma Cervantes mexican shaman


Spiritual Products

Spiritual Services

Spiritual Knowledge


Spiritual Products: items, tools, supplies and also instructions for those that want to make their own products. We don’t always have the same products because the making of these products depends on our spiritual practitioners and supplies. We choose our products according to our tradition. Most products are made during certain ceremonies and some of them can only be made once a year.

Now, with the fascinating modern technology we can offer online Spiritual Services like spiritual consultations and ceremonies and also Spiritual Knowledge.

In our tradition this knowledge is called “The Advice”. What kind of knowledge or advice? Practices, rituals, ceremonies, how-to’s, tips, training, description of spiritual tools and how to use them, spiritual problems that practitioners and beginners face and how to solve them.

In our tradition, Spiritual training is called “La Plática, Sabiduria del Viento” the translation would be “The Talk, Wind Wisdom”. And it refers to teaching.

Please enjoy your visit and if you have questions send an email to info@curanderoproducts.com


Explanation on how to browse our website


From the main menu you will find different tabs. Some are self explanatory and others are as follows:

About Us: General information about our webpages and our products. It is this page that you’re reading right now.

Information: Here you will find information and more detailed explanations about our products, services, consultations, teachings and what we do. It is like a mini library with written information in a simple way for easy comprehension.

Blog: Articles or posts that we publish. We divided our posts into Beginners and Practitioners. We have two blogs now. Beginners’ blog and Practitioners’ blog. Some information is the same and is blogged in both websites but there is information that is only for beginners or for practitioners. Check both!

Shop: This is the link to our store where you can order our products and services.


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If you want to keep informed of our activities, updates, new products, services, articles and posts please send us an email to infor@curanderoproducts.com. Your information is not going to be shared.


To get to know us please join our TRIBE: Our Meetup groups for events and classes and our Facebook groups for discussions.

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