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10 Steps to Stop Feeling Drained after a Shamanic Journey


Stop feeling drained after a meditation, a healing session or after a shamanic or spiritual journey. For less than ten dollars you will understand the problem, find the solution and learn how to fix this issue that is very common among practitioners.

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10 Steps to Stop Feeling Drained after a Shamanic Journey

How many times I had meditated or journeyed and afterwards I am totally drained, exhausted and ready to take a nap. Am I doing something wrong? Aren’t we supposed to feel all fired up after a meditation or a shamanic journey? Isn’t journeying such a powerful energy tool that we should feel like superheroes?


If you are like me and many other practitioners and felt this before; here is the solution to your problems. Learn why this is happening and how to correct it. Although the tittle talks about shamanism, this method is applicable to meditation techniques, Reiki, Healing hands, etc


This is a very small e-Book that is written in plain English with an easy method to correct what you may have been doing wrong while performing a meditation, shamanic journey or spiritual journey. Here is an excerpt that you can download. If you want to get the e-Book and download it click “ADD TO CART” and go through the checkout process.


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