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Blessing & Healing Ceremony


We create sickness and problems for ourselves. In our tradition, Curanderismo or Mexican Shamanism, all the sicknesses and problems of the body, mind and spirit start with our negative thoughts and from there they move to the energy field in our body.

We create these negative thoughts and then we carry them with us 24/7 in our aura, which is the energy field that is around us all the time.

Then, as we dwell more in our negative thoughts, in our misery, we are empowering the negative energy. When the negative energy becomes so empowered, it turns denser; it manifests itself as sickness and/or problems of the body, mind and spirit. Depression, anger, sadness, fear, or physical illnesses and accidents are examples of dense-negative energy, manifested.

You can go to the doctor and have treatment, but in order to heal completely and to speed up the healing process, we Shamans, Curanderos, Energy Healers and Practitioners, believe that we need to go to the root cause of the problem.

Most of the times taking medicine or a medical treatment treats the side effects of the illness, not the illness itself. I think it is wise to treat both the side effects and the root cause of the problem or sickness. Usually the side effect is treated with medication and the root cause is treated with Spiritual Practices and Ceremonies.

To go to the root cause we need to discover the negative thought that is causing this problem or sickness. Once we discover it, then we can go and look for the energy pattern that this negative thought is creating and work with it in a spiritual way to dissolve it or diminish it.

When you are given treatment or medication from your doctor you are healing from the outside in. When you have a healing ceremony you are healing from the inside out. So if you are lucky to have both types of healing at the same time, then your healing process is going to be faster because, not only you are healing from the outside in, you are also healing from the inside out. Also if you make an effort on your part and work on your negative thoughts, then you may free yourself from the sickness.

Once a month, some of us (practitioners and students) get together to host a long distance healing ceremony. We call it “Blessing & Healing Ceremony” or “Ceremonia de Sanación y Bendiciones”.

We now offer this Ceremony online. Because we work with Spirit and Spiritual Energies, there is no need for the sick person to be present to receive the healing and blessings from this ceremony. All that is needed is for the sick person to synchronize with us.

In our tradition, this kind of spiritual service, a healing ceremony, is very common. Events like finding a job, overcoming a divorce, moving to a new house, getting a new puppy, having a misunderstanding with a relative or a friend, entering a new school, having nightmares, or feeling sad and empty all the time, are all examples of situations that may require a healing ceremony.

Even when there is no problem in a situation, we still ask for a blessing and this is because we always try to cover all our bases to restore or to keep harmony.

This ceremony is not private, which means it is a group ceremony during which we have a collection of people for whom we are going to pray and work in the spirit world. We keep this group small so we can offer superior service. This is the ceremony where advanced students are able to participate regardless if they are present or if they do the ceremony from home.

NOTE: In order for our long distance ceremonies to work, it is required on your side to prepare yourself to attune or vibrate at the same frequency as we do, to work effectively. Please do not commit to a service if you are not willing to put in some effort on your part because there is no refund. The ceremonies vary somewhat but in general the preparations for the ceremonies are similar. For example: eat light, do not drink alcohol or take recreational drugs, etc.

Once the ceremony is over, you will receive an email about how the ceremony went, and if needed, you will receive some further spiritual recommendations or suggestions to improve your situation.

To participate in the healing ceremony, it is customary to have some kind of exchange or payment, as for any service performed. As it is difficult to donate food or goods online in exchange for services rendered, we suggest a donation of at least $35 dollars. We always appreciate it if you want to donate more. The donations received are used for supporting our free ceremonies that we offer once a month.

Also if you want a ceremony exclusively for you and your family please send us an email requesting information. We will direct you to the type of ceremony recommended and also give you prices for private ceremonies.

If you want to request a Ceremony for somebody else before proceeding to pay, please send us an email explaining the situation and make sure that the person gives you permission for this ceremony. Never do anything without consent.

Once we receive your payment we will send an email with instructions and suggestions of how to attune to us and to the ceremony.


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