Chakra Meditation Bracelet




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Chakra Meditation Bracelet


This bracelet has a stone for each chakra. This helps opening and balancing the whole chakra system. It also has lava rocks for adding spiritual oils or essential oils.


The oil that we recommend for this bracelet is Spiritual Rose Oil. You just need to add one or two drops and rub them on the lava rocks that the bracelet has.


When you are going to start your meditation close your eyes, take a deep breath and bring the bracelet close to your nose. Inhale deeply the Spiritual Rose Oil aroma and you will be able to feel the shift to spiritual mode. The aroma will last for hours on the bracelet.


The bracelet also has three charms one is a Buddha and the other two are lotus flowers. This is to help you align to spiritual vibrations.


THIS BRACELET IS 7 INCHES. We recommend measuring your wrist before buying it.


Handmade Spiritual Bracelet














This bracelet comes with:

A fabric pouch for storing the bracelet when not in use

A cleansing kit to cleanse the bracelet when it absorbs too much energy

Instructions on how to use it, charge it and cleanse it

1 free restringing if it breaks during the first 6 months of purchase

This bracelet is made from some or all of these materials: semi-precious stones and gems, quartz, crystals, seeds, stones, wood, shells, pearls, ceramic, metals. The pieces may not be perfect because they are natural materials.


This bracelet was spiritually prepared to:

  • Help you attune with spiritual and meditation vibrations
  • Unblock and restore the energy flow of the chakra system
  • Help improve spiritual qualities



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