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Cobra Jasper – Spiritual Door Stone


Package with 2, 6 or 8 stones

Description on what is it and how to use it for spiritual purposes below….


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Cobra Jasper

This little stone is very powerful in a spiritual way. In our tradition, Curanderismo or Mexican Shamanism, it is known as “La piedra de la puerta” (the door stone) and this is because it helps us to open the door to our spirituality.

This stone belongs to the jasper family. It is also known as cobra jasper. Not to get confused with the king cobra jasper or India cobra jasper which has more of a yellow color than green.

Jaspers are forms of quartz that contains many impurities giving them their special color, characteristics and spiritual vibration.


This wonderful stone helps us:

  1. To open the spiritual path: This means that out of the blue anything that we need to find happens. Things like information, teachers, books or any help that we need in our spiritual path starts to happen.
  2. To remove obstacles in our spiritual path. It helps in creating a clear path for spiritual energies to get closer to us.
  3. Focus during our spiritual practices. It creates an electromagnetic field around us that help us diminish mental distractions. Here is an example: If you have ever started to meditate and as soon as you close your eyes you start thinking about your “to do list” you know what I am talking about.


How to use it: All our products have been cleansed and smudged but even with that, it would be a good idea to cleanse and smudge your stone as soon as you get it to remove any unwanted energies that it may have from its trip from us to you. After that you want to charge it and program it (watch both videos) or do it your way if you already know how.

 Jasper cobra

When the rock is ready use it in your spiritual practices. Place it very close to you. If you have it on your altar and it is a couple of feet away, that may be too far from you. You want to have the energy from this rock vibrating directly inside your aura.


This is a personal rock, not to share and if possible, not to allow other people to touch it. You want to keep it as pure as possible.


In our tradition everything is alive and everything has a soul. In your meditation or spiritual practices make a connection with the soul of the stone to develop a strong partnership with it. This will benefit your spiritual practices


Spiritual Characteristics:

Name: Cobra jasper

Spiritual name: “La piedra de la puerta” (the door rock)

Gender: masculine

Spiritual properties: To open the spiritual path, to remove obstacles in our spiritual path and to keep us focus during our spiritual practices

Element: water

Numerology vibration: 7

Energy color: light blue-green

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2 stones, 6 stones, 8 stones