Online Spiritual Training – 3 months


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Online Spiritual Training – 3 months

Learn at home at your own schedule and pace. The classes are very interactive and personal. They are designed just for you. After all your spiritual growth is just yours and should be at your own level and at your own time. Your achievements are not discussed or shared with anybody. We use email, videos and documents as learning tools. No discussion forums or group activities. No experience is needed.


We offer all levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced.


The all-time favorites are the “Troubleshooting classes”. These are designed to correct bad habits or to give you tips on how to improve your skills.


Please read first the explanation on how we provide Spiritual Training. Before you are accepted as an apprentice of Shamanism and Curanderismo you need to have a Spiritual Evaluation Ceremony. You can read on how we provide Spiritual Training and the Spiritual Evaluation Ceremony here.


Once you are ready and you know what you want; then you can start with the first step, which is a Spiritual Evaluation Ceremony. Click here to order one.