Spiritual Evaluation Ceremony


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Spiritual Evaluation Ceremony


This is a mandatory one time Ceremony for the prospect students that want to take classes with us.


In the Spiritual Evaluation Ceremony we check spiritually if you will benefit from the classes and if you are going to use them in a good way in the near present and future.


You won’t believe this, but some people have very obscure intentions that can harm others and themselves as well.  Many times we can have the best of intentions but our future may be another. If this is your case, then you’d have to work spiritually to change your karma and your future. Once you’ve made that change, then you can be accepted as an apprentice.


Once your payment is received, you will get an email with specific instructions on how to prepare for the ceremony and what to do during ceremony.


After the ceremony is performed then you will get another email with the findings. You may get some instructions for rituals needed to prepare you to become an apprentice and also you will receive a series of questions regarding your goals and your experience and a list of things that you need to study before starting the classes.


This ceremony can be perform long distance or in person if you are in the area