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Opalite Wand

Spiritual Psychic Surgery is a very common practice in Curanderismo. Usually it is done with spiritual oils, spiritual waters and special wands made out of crystals, quartz, minerals, etc.


These wands are named “puntas” in Spanish, which means “points”. This is in reference of the shape of the wand. One side ends in a sharp point and the other side is round. Our “puntas” are carefully selected for Spiritual Psychic Surgery. It can also be used as regular spiritual wand.


The specific use of a wand depends on what type of material the wand is made off. For example, an amethyst wand will have a different use than a rose quartz.


This wand is made of Opalite. This particular wand or punta helps in improving moods, and mental clarity. It also helps in straightening psychic abilities and spiritual communication. Useful when taking important decisions in life. This a very rare wand it has a shiny white milky color, but when it is held against the light it has a reddish hue.  It is a small and powerful wand it measures 2.50 inches long.


We offer Spiritual Psychic Spiritual Surgery Certification Workshops. Check our groups and events for dates and locations.



Opalite Wand Paloma Cervantes


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