Spiritual Rose Oil


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Spiritual Rose Oil

Despite its size, 1/4 dram or 0.9 ml, this oil is very powerful. Only one drop per application is needed. The oil will last many applications. We use to sell this oil only to students but now we make it available for everyone.


  • It helps to easily achieve higher states of meditation and spirituality. Therefore it is recommended for people who are beginning their spiritual journey and yet haven’t developed the ability to enter a meditative or spiritual state quickly.


  • It is also recommended for practitioners who have trouble concentrating or are going through a stage in which it is hard to reach a spiritual state due to some kind of a blockage.


  • It can be used to increase the power of ceremonies, rituals, and spiritual baths



  • It comes with instructions


NOTE: This is a SPIRITUAL OIL not to be confused with essential oils. This oil has more ingredients than just essential oils. It has ingredients that are considered sacred in Curanderismo or Mexican Shamanism.


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