Yes we do have more stuff in our store and Yes we do ship outside USA

If you cannot find what you are looking for or if you want to buy something but you live outside the US send us an email to


We have many products that we don’t have in our store.

  • We have resins like copal, frankincense, dragon’s blood, etc.
  • Incense mixture (resins and herbs) like Ceremonial Incense, Three Wise Men (Cleansing, protection and abundance), Protection Mix, Healing Mix
  • Crystals, rocks, stones, gems, etc. Like hematite, rose quartz, aventurine, black tourmaline, etc
  • Curandero products like polvo de proteccion (protection powder), piedra alumbre, spiritual waters, spiritual oils, etc
  • Books and deck cards
  • Recipes or formulas
  • Herbs used in Curanderismo and Shamanism
  • and more


*Also we have a list of recommended books and spiritual items from Amazon. This is an affiliate link. If you use our link to Amazon and you buy something we will get a couple of cents. We save this money for student aid or scholarship (if we have enough)…thanks for your support!!!