Camphor Leaves for Spiritual Protection




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Camphor Leaves for Spiritual ProtectionCamphor Leaves for spiritual protection


Camphor leaves have been used in many different traditions for spiritual protection and divination purposes. Traditionally in Curanderismo it is boiled in water along with other herbs to prepare a concentrate in which ceremonial clothes and bandannas are soaked. This is with the purpose of protection and improving the psychic abilities. The named on this prepared water is Bandanna Mix.


If you do not want go through the struggle of preparing the Bandanna Mix Water for ceremonial clothes and bandannas and you just want to use Camphor for spiritual protection in your daily spiritual practice you can grab one leaf place it in the center of the bandanna and fold your bandanna. Make sure that when you place the bandanna in your head the leaf is in the center of your forehead.


Discard the leaf when you feel it is time to get a new one or when you wash your bandanna.


Paloma Cervantes Empath


* These Camphor leaves are organic. Each bag contains approximately one cup of leaves.

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