Ceremonial Rice




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In our tradition Curanderismo, we keep in our home, office, or in our altar during ceremonies and rituals a basket or a bowl that contains something we call Ceremonial Rice for the purposes of absorbing any negative energy coming from emotions, worries, frustrations, etc., or any other kind of negative energy.


This Ceremonial Rice is prepared during a special ceremony to empower the properties of its ingredients. It contains rice, salt, 17 different herbs, oils, and minerals.


How to use it:

  1. Smudge a basket, plate, bowl, or any container that you want to keep your rice.
  2. Use a whole bag for ceremonies and busy places like a big family or workplace. Use half a bag if your family is small or if it is just for you doing the spiritual practices.
  3. Close your eyes, and take three deep breaths.
  4. Bring in your spiritual helpers like spiritual guides, spiritual protectors, and ask them to empower the rice.
  5. Place your hands over the bowl containing the rice, and allow the spiritual energies from God come to you through your hands to the rice.
  6. When you feel it is charged it is ready.
  7. Place it at the entrance of your home, office, or at the center of the altar and allow the bowl to absorb the energies of its surroundings.
  8. When the bowl feels too heavy discard the Ceremonial Rice offering it to mother earth, and use a new batch of Ceremonial Rice.
















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Weight 1.003125 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 1.5 x 5 in