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Charcoal for incense


Our favorite charcoal briquettes for smudging and ceremonies are the ones from the brand Three Kings. These are the only ones that we sell.

They are the perfect size and excellent quality.

Each packet comes with 10 quick lighting charcoal briquettes – 3mm



Recommended to use with:

  • Sacred Plants like White Sage, Cedar, Sweet Grass, Dream Plant, California Sage, etc.
  • Spiritual Resins like Copal, Frankincense, Dragon’s Blood, Myrrh
  • Incense Preparations like Ceremonial Incense, Wise Men Incense (Abundance, Good luck, Open the road and Protection) and Every Day Incense



*We have all these products and more in our store. We are adding them little by little. Send us an email if you are looking for a specific Sacred Plant, Resin or Incense Formula. We do not carry any plant that induces altered states. None of our products are for internal ingestion.






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