Curanderismo Sacred Smoke Kit (smudging)



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This is a great package for smudging and for any spiritual practice not only for Curanderismo.

It contains Sacred Copal and 3 traditional blends used in Curanderismo Rituals and a package of charcoal.

Curanderismo Sacred Smoke and smudging



Curanderismo Sacred Smoke Kit (Smudging) contains:


¼ cup Curanderismo Ceremonial Blend (resins, herbs, flowers, roots, minerals and oils). This blend is used for any type of ceremony to open the ceremony by cleansing and bringing our protectors, sacred animals and angels


¼ cup Frankincense and Myrrh Blend (resins, minerals and oils). It is used for bringing blessings and feelings of wellbeing into our life


spiritual cleanisngs Limpia

¼ cup Sacred Copal (resin). It removes negative energies, purifies and brings beautiful positive energies and also our ancestors, protectors and spirit helpers


¼ cup Three Wise Men Blend (resins, herbs, flowers, roots, minerals and oils). Traditionally we use this blend for bringing Abundance, Good Luck, Open the Road and Protection


1 package of self-ignited charcoal (10 pieces). Place a briquette of charcoal on a heatproof surface like an incense burner or you can use an upside down can of tuna (previously cleaned). Light the charcoal and wait a couple of minutes before you add any incense resin




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