Flower Essences and Vibrational Medicine Certificate Program




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Flower Essences and Vibrational Medicine Certificate Program


A Flower Essence or Vibrational Medicine is the vibrational imprint of the properties of a flower. These properties are transferred and kept in a liquid solution. They are very useful in helping to release emotions in a safe way that is not overwhelming. They are safe to take regardless what medical treatment we are undergoing and they help us in achieving harmony in our physical, emotional and spiritual self.


This is a Certificate Program that consists in 6 classes. We are going to learn the traditional Bach Flower Essences that are used for emotions and other types of flower essences that are used for developing spiritual properties.


After completing this program you will receive a certificate allowing you to prepare specific formulas for helping family members, friends, clients or yourself. If you want to use this knowledge for your work, you can charge a consultation from $30 to $60 dollars depending if you include or not a prepared remedy bottle for the client. For follow ups which are just giving a client a prepared bottle you can charge $15 to $20.


Although this class is recommended for practitioners like massage therapists, Reiki practitioners and any energy healing work modalities, this class is useful for somebody that is looking to change his or her life in an independent way. Being able to prepare different formulas each time something arises is a blessing. It is like dealing with a cold as soon as you feel it is coming on and you take something for it. Therefore the cold effects are weaker and it doesn’t last as long. The same happens with Flower Essences and Vibrational Medicine. It helps us overcome emotional problems in life very fast.


Flower Essences and Vibrational Medicine are safe to use in children, elderly people and pets.


Price for the Certification Program without materials is $475. We are working on getting a good price for materials if we order as a group. A complete good quality Bach Flower Essences kit runs from $250 to $350. We are also going to get two or three other kinds of individual bottles of Flower Essences that are not Bach Flower Essences for working on spiritual matters.