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Prayer Mix

In the Spiritual Practice that we perform, which is Mexican Shamanism or Curanderismo, we use a mixture of herbs, salts, minerals, and oils that we add to our sacred or regular tobacco to turn it into Spiritual Tobacco or Tobacco for Prayers.


We use the prayer mix once it is ready (instructions below) for empowering our altar, ceremonies, for praying, and performing spiritual healings. In our tradition, it is believed that this sacred mixture is so powerful that our prayers go straight to Grandfather Creator or God.


Each batch of prayer mix is slightly different due to most of the herbs used in this mixture are collected in ceremonial grounds or wild-crafted in Mother Earth. Because there are different factors that affect the production of sacred herbs the mixture comes always different. These factors are: our California drought, the time of the year when we collect the plant material, and the the herbs that we do not grow or collect ourselves are always slightly different.


How to prepare and activate Prayer Mix:

  1. Smudge yourself or use Spiritual Waters (like White Spirit, Native Spirit or Green Spirit) to cleanse yourself
  2. Gently close your eyes allowing yourself to relax, and disconnect from your daily routine
  3. Take three deep breaths and center yourself
  4. Take one more breath and call in your Spiritual Guardians and Protectors to assist you in empowering your Prayer Mix
  5. Grab your Prayer Mix with your hands at your chest level or fourth chakra and generate strong energies of love, compassion, and spiritual healing
  6. Transfer these energies from your heart to the Prayer Mix until you feel the mix vibrating
  7. Add 7 to 10 drops of Sealing Oil (included) or three drops of Aceite Del Santisimo and two cups of tobacco (Sacred Tobacco, Native American Tobacco, or regular tobacco used for pipe smoking). You can even use the cheapest tobacco, from a tobacco store, because you can empower it with the Prayer Mix, which is going to turn it in into Sacred Tobacco.
  8. Place this mixture into a container, close it very tightly, and shake it vigorously for a minute, 100 times, or until your Prayer Mix feels vibrating
  9. If you wish to empower more your Prayer Mix we recommend adding a quartz or a stone of your preference. We usually empower ours with one of the following: Jasper Cobra (Spiritual Empowerment), Double Pointed Quartz (Blessings from Spiritual Beings), Mexican Blue Calcite (Spiritual Healing), Mexican Orange Calcite (Abundance), Mexican Golden Calcite (Blessings from the Angels and Abundance), Mexican Green Calcite (Spiritual Protection), Phrenite & Epidote (Spiritual Empowerment), Sodalite (Spiritual Communication), Rose Quartz (Universal Love), Black Tourmaline (Spiritual Empowerment)
  10. Your Prayer Mix is activated and ready to use





 How to use it:

  1. Grab a little bit of Prayer Mix with your right hand. A good amount will be as much as 4 fingers can grab
  2. Place your right hand over your heart or fourth chakra
  3. Close your eyes and take a deep breath
  4. Allow yourself to feel the vibration of the Prayer Mix. If you cannot feel it then take three more breaths and relax yourself
  5. Once you feel the Prayer Mix vibrating then say or feel in your heart area your prayer (whatever it is you wish to ask Grandfather Creator). And effective way of praying is with your heart, not with your mind. Make an effort to “feel” your prayer
  6. The area where your hand, your heart, and your Prayer Mix are should be vibrating or tingling. This means that your prayer is ready to be sent to Grandfather Creator or God
  7. Very slowly raise your hand and send your prayers above
  8. After you are done praying, you can offer the Prayer Mix to Mother Earth, to Grandfather Creator, to your altar or just spread it around




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