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Prehnite & Epidote – Life Mission Stone


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Prehnite & Epidote – Life Mission Stone

These stones were blessed during the Mexican Solstice Ceremony named The Day of the Messenger. Every year Creator, God, Spirit or Great Mystery recommends a stone. It becomes the Stone of the Year. Spirit infuses it with blessing, healing, protection and abundance energies.

Prehnite and Epidote


The stone for 2016 is Prehnite with Epidote. This is a wonderful combination. The spiritual qualities of Prehnite are to help us in finding our mission and our goals in life. Many times we know what we want but we don’t know where to start or we are not sure if we really want something or not. Prehnite helps us in finding what we are good for and what makes us happy. And the spiritual qualities of Epidote (dark inclusions in the stone) are to help us in keeping focus, strong and calm to accomplish what we want. If stress is gone we can see more clear what to do on accomplishing our goals.


So in few words, this beautiful combination Prehnite and Epidote, help us in finding our path and accomplishing it with peace and strength.


This stone besides being beautiful has a strong vibration. When the rock is held in our hands we can feel peace. Because of this, many spiritual practitioners use this stone also for healing purposes.


The stone comes with a little bit of Recharging Spiritual Mix that can be used when the stone feels heavy or not vibrating.


NOTE: You can use this stone in any way that you know or if you want to learn a Spiritual Ritual in the Curanderismo tradition to help you find your mission in life and to help you accomplish it, you can get the e-Book “Find your mission and accomplish it (Spiritual Ritual)”


Spiritual Characteristics

Name: Prehnite & Epidote

Spiritual name: Piedra de la mission – Goal or mission stone

Gender: Feminine               

Spirit: The Spirit guardian of this stone is an Angel

Spiritual properties: It helps us in finding our goals or mission in life and manifesting it with peace and strength

Element: Water   

Numerology vibration: 5

Energy color*: Light green with sparks


* This is how the stone looks in Spirit World


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Dimensions 3 x 2 x 2 in

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