Sealing Oil




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Sealing Oil is prepared during a special ceremony. It contains oils, salts, minerals, and a special oil named Aceite Del Santisimo. We use it to seal the chakras and spiritual doors of a person or a pet so no negative energies can come through. It is also used to empower spiritual tools like crystals, rocks, prayer mix, ceremonial rice, and other spiritual items.


How to use it:

  1. Smudge yourself and the person, or pet that you are working on, or if you are working on an item smudge yourself and the item
  2. Close your eyes, and take three deep breaths, allowing yourself to relax
  3. Call on your spiritual helpers until you feel them
  4. Ask them to send you strong spiritual energies to you so you can empower your oil and use it to seal the person, pet, or spiritual tool that you are working on
  5. Place the bottle in your hands, and send spiritual energies until the bottle is vibrating and activated
  6. Place a little bit of oil in your index and thumb fingers
  7. Draw a cross or a star or just rub the oil on the spiritual doors of the person or pet that you want to seal and/ or on the crystals or spiritual tools


How to use it for empowering prayer mix:

  1. Once your oil is activated (read above) put 7 to 10 drops of oil with ΒΌ cup of prayer mix and 2 cups of tobacco. Place this in a container or in a Ziploc bag and shake it vigorously for a minute, 100 times, or until your prayer mix feels vibrating















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