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Spiritual or Practice mentoring by email (Service)

Sometimes as practitioners or as beginners we are “stuck” in our life or practice and we can’t find the solution to our problem in a book, online or with anybody that we know. We know that is just a simple “something” that is missing in order for us to recover our power or move forward but we are “stuck”.


If this is your situation, this service is for you. If you have a question that doesn’t include any kind of training, complicated instructions, or spiritual services, this can be your option. On the other hand, if it is more complicated I would suggest going for a Full Online Spiritual Consultation or a Simple Online Spiritual Consultation.


Examples of “Questions by email”:

  • How do I improve my Shamanic Journeys?
  • How can I ground myself?
  • How to overcome fear?
  • How to smudge correctly?


To order this service and before you pay…

Please send your question in an email at

Write “Questions by email” on the subject line and also before your question.

If we have the answer we will send you a Paypal invoice. If we don’t we will inform you.

Once you paid, you will receive an email with the answer.


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