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Spiritual Palo Santo Oil


Palo Santo is a powerful Spiritual Oil. It has always been used in Ancient Healing Traditions in the Americas. Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens) is considered to be a sacred tree. The translation in English is “Holy Wood”.


This Spiritual Oil of Palo Santo was prepared during ceremony. It comes in a small size 1/4 dram or 0.9 ml. This is a very powerful Spirit Oil.


In our tradition, Curanderismo or Mexican Shamanism, we prepared this oil to use it for:


  • Empower rituals, ceremonies, spiritual tools and spiritual preparations
  • To get rid of negative energies, cleanse the aura, protection and to generate peaceful dreams
  • You can also add one drop to a Spiritual Bracelet – Amulet to improve its spiritual qualities


It comes with instructions


NOTE: This is a SPIRITUAL OIL not to be confused with essential oils. This oil has more ingredients than just essential oils. It has ingredients that are considered sacred in Curanderismo or Mexican Shamanism.

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