Spiritual Protection and Blessing Bracelet-Amulet



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Spiritual Protection and Blessing Bracelet-Amulet


In the Curanderismo Tradition from México it is customary that the Spiritual Guide, Curandera or Mexican Shaman prepares this kind of bracelets/amulet for students, apprentices and clients. They are prepared during a special ceremony. In Mexico amulets are prepared in different ways. Many times the blessings are applied to recklessness, bracelets, earrings, etc. In this case the blessing is applied to a modern bracelet.


These bracelets are made with natural and good quality materials. Because they are spiritual items, the prolonged exposure to strong energies may break your bracelet.


These bracelets are prepared to help create a protection around you. If some negative energy comes to you the bracelet will absorb it before it reaches you.


This kind of bracelets help in having vivid dreams. If your dreams are too intense and you cannot rest during the night, take the bracelet off and only use it during the day.

Also these bracelets help in bringing blessings into your life.


Spiritual Protection and Blessing Bracelet Amulet


The bracelets come with:

  • A fabric pouch for storing the bracelet when not in use
  • A cleansing kit to cleanse the bracelet when it absorbs too much energy
  • Instructions on how to use it, charge it and cleanse it
  • 1 free restringing if it breaks during the first 6 months of purchase


The bracelets are made from some or all of these materials: semi-precious stones and gems, quartz, crystals, seeds, stones, wood, shells, pearls, ceramic, metals. The pieces may not be perfect because they are natural materials.


These bracelets are spiritual prepared to:

  • Remove unwanted energies and spiritual blockages
  • Restore the energy flow
  • Open and protect your path and your aura
  • Bring blessings and well-being
  • Help improve spiritual qualities

Spiritual Protection and Blessing Bracelet - Amulet

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