Traditional Limpia – Spiritual Cleansing Ceremony




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 Traditional Limpia

Spiritual Cleanising Ceremony

with Curandera Paloma Cervantes


“Traditional Limpias” or Energy Cleansing Ceremonies are an indigenous method of clearing the body, mind & spirit of negative energies in order to restore the body to its nature state of wholeness and wellness. This ceremony lasts one hour.



Spiritual Cleansing Limpia con Huevo Fresno


If you want to include a Healing Bracelet prepared specifically for you bring $40 (includes shipping) the day of your ceremony. This bracelet will be prepared after the Limpia Ceremony depending of what your angels and spiritual guardians suggest for you.


*Once you pay for your ceremony:

  • You will be able to download preparation recommendations
  • You will receive an email to set up date and time for your ceremony


Instructor & PractitionerShamanism & curanderismo with Paloma Cervantes

Paloma Cervantes is a Mexican Shaman or Curandera born and raised into the tradition. Working as a Curandera since 1986. She writes and teaches about Shamanism, Curanderismo, Spiritual Herbalism and Ancient Healing Traditions. IMPORTANT NOTE: Paloma is a Shaman who does not use any hallucinogenic plants, brews, ceremonial tobaccos..etc. Please do not use these or cannabis prior to her events.