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white sage for smudgingWhite Sage Bundles are used for Sacred smoke to cleanse the energetic field of a person, a building, a space, or pretty much anything as well as ceremonial/ ritual tools such as drum, rattle, and feathers. It is also used to carry prayers and intention to Spirit or God.


One of the most useful herbs is White Sage or Sacred Sage. Its scientific name is Salvia apiana.


Our White Sage grows wild in the mountains in California, and it is collected and tied in a sacred way.


Directions: If your White Sage bundle has a ribbon cut it at top. Re-tie a few inches down. Light the top. To extinguish, dip into water or press against a hard non-flammable surface. If your bundle has a yarn you can go ahead and light it up as it is.California White Sage


We have different sizes: Small (6 in), Medium (7 in), Large (11 in).


The X-Large size is used for smudging, for ceremonies where many people participate, and also as Spiritual Protection. It is never burned and it’s kept at the entrance of a home or business. It doesn’t necessary need to be in plain sight but at least it has to be very close to the entrance. If you suffer from many nightmares it is recommended in the southeast corner of your bedroom. When we use it for protection we tied it with white and red yarn.¬†When you place your order please indicate that is going to be used for protection so we will make sure to send one with red and white yarn.



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