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White SageRemoving unwanted energies and moods is usually achieved with White Sage or Sacred Sage (Salvia apiana). Our White Sage grows wild in the mountains in California. It is harvest in a sacred way.


Directions: Light a charcoal briquette and let it burn for 3-4 minutes. Grab as many leaves as you can with three fingers and place them over the charcoal briquette. With a fan or a feather direct the smoke towards the person or the place that you want to clear from energies. Brush off any none harmonious energy that you feel and keep brushing until you feel the person or the space is clear. Then it is recommended to bring the blessing burning a little bit of cedar and sweet grass.


We have 3 different bag sizes: Small (4.50 in), Medium (5 in), Large (7 in).




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